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Custom Website Header Design: Chris In South Korea

Custom Website Header Design: Chris In South Korea

I was recently contacted by Chris Backe, who is the owner of the blog Chris In South Korea, about doing a custom header for his site. Chris wanted a header to reflect the focus of his blog about travel and life in South Korea and wanted it to be colorful and eye catching. Through further conversations with Chris I realized we share the hobby of photography and asked him what he thought about featuring some of his pictures in the header. He liked the idea so we started the design process.

Chris sent me some of his favorite photos and I sent him back some design ideas.

After these initial ideas, Chris gave me some helpful feedback letting me know what he liked and didn’t like about the designs and after further discussion, we came up with these.

Chris picked the banner above for his site and you can see a before and after picture below. I was glad to help Chris with his banner design and was happy to collaborate with him to, together, create something we are both proud of and feel does a good job of showing a glimpse into life and travel in South Korea. Chris also asked me to send him the map idea with his website name, which you can also see below.

Site Before

Site After

I enjoyed working with Chris and highly recommend his website as it is full of useful information for living and traveling around South Korea. My wife and I have learned a lot from his blog posts and have some trips planned because of some of his recommendations.

I hope you enjoyed getting a small peek into what you might be able to expect when working with me and what how I use the design process to come up with something we will both be happy with in the end. Total time from start to finish including all revisions and communication was 5 days.

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  • Chris Backe

    And such a good job you did! Very professional in communications, easy to work with (even over e-mail), and offering plenty of options. I’d use him again in a heartbeat 🙂

    • Thanks so much Chris! Enjoyed working you as well and would also not hesitate to work with you again in the future.