eBook FAQ

What do I get if I order a custom eBook Template from you?

You will get a built from scratch one of a kind template made for either Apple Pages or Adobe InDesign.  Some of the features of my templates are:
  • Beautiful Custom Cover
  • Unique eye appealing custom page background to match your brand/style
  • Easily replaceable text and images
  • Social integration for marketing and connecting with fans if desired
  • 15 or more unique page layouts and variations for easy customization
  • 10 minute quick start video to help you learn how to edit update and add content to your template

I haven’t used Apple Pages before. How can I learn to use it?

Apple has some great video tutorials available for free here which can give you a great start, but if you have questions that are specific to the template I provide I will be glad to provide support and answer any questions you may have. 

I haven’t used Abode InDesign before. How can I learn to use it?

InDesign the professional standard in the publishing industry used for everything from Newspapers, to magazines to printed books and more. That being said, it also has a somewhat steep learning curve and takes some time to get comfortable with. If you feel up to the challenge, I would recomend checking out the amazing thorough and reasonably priced resources over at MacProVideo.com or lynda.com. Alternatively, I can put your content into the custom template I create for you for an additional fee so you don’t have to worry about and and can focus on other things. 

I have Windows. Can I use one of your templates?

Yes. Adobe InDesign is available for both Apple and Windows computers, but is an expensive program usually costing $500+. Apple Pages costs less than $20, but it will not work on Windows as Pages is only available for OS X.  I do have an option available for me to put your content into the template and provide you the Pages or InDesign file (in case you get a Mac or InDesign in the future) and a PDF for your to distribute or sell as you wish.  

Have a question not covered here?

Let me know here and i’ll be glad to answer it.