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Website and eStore Implementation for Trey Ratcliff of Stuck In Customs Media

Website and eStore Implementation for Trey Ratcliff of Stuck In Customs Media

I have been a long time fan of Trey Ratcliff’s HDR images. Some may know him better as Stuck In Customs as well, his screen name on the Flickr photo sharing site. I have been following his work for about four years now and was excited to learn about his eBook Publications detailing his workflow, composition and more. I purchased a couple of his books and really enjoyed learning from his experience and expertise.
After designing a custom eBook template for Trey Ratcliff, I approached him about re-designing his eBook site on flatbooks.com and he approved the project. I used a theme from one of my favorite template sites – Elegant Themes and incorporated his existing shopping cart and affiliate program from e-Junkie into the eStore. I designed the main scrolling image layout and made all the custom graphics for the site using Adobe Photoshop. Feel free to check out the site here.


Tags:Web Design+, e-junkie, eStore, Stuck In Customs, Trey Ratcliff, Web Design, Flatbooks

Flatbooks.com Website

Custom Graphic Designed For Flatbooks.com

What is an Ebook Page


Flatbooks.com is the eBook store started by Trey Ratcliff of stuckincustoms.com. Trey is one of the pioneers of HDR photography. This site was implemented to facilitate the categorization and sale of Trey’s eBooks as well as those by other authors under the Flatbooks name. The theme uses wordpress for the backend and has integration with e-Junkie for affiliate and purchasing

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  • Addison Aspilla

    Hey Griffen,

    How do you integrate e-junkie with the elegant estore theme?

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.



    • Hi Addison,
      I found out how to do it on the elegant themes forums, but that post seems to have been removed now.  It involves editing some of the PHP code and adding a custom field such a link where you can paste your junkie add to cart code.  It’s bee a while since I did it and I don’t have my revision notes with me, but if you are comfortable with PHP, I would recommend just looking around in the includes/single-product.php file and this may help as well:


      If you are not familiar with PHP or can;t figure it out, I would recommend hiring the user on elegant themes forums pcsurgeon as he has been able to solve any and all of my PHP problems in the past and has reasonable rates.  Here is his profile:


      Hope that helps.

      P.S. You must be logged in to elegant themes to see any of the above links correctly;-)