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Website Customization & Implementation for Moye Sports

Website Customization & Implementation for Moye Sports

Recently I had the pleasure of working with Mike Moye of Moye Sports Associates, Inc. Mike and his team are sports agents with offices in Atlanta, Chicago and Florida and they represent some of the most accomplished athletes in the world such as Josh Hamilton, Josh Beckett and many more.

Mike came to me wanting two separate websites. One to act as the public face of Moye Sports, and one as a password protected area for potential clients and prospects. The public site would highlight Moye Sports and its players in the news and act as a type of introduction to the company. The password protected site would give more information about the company, its record breaking contracts, marketing, endorsements, history and more.

The site started out being a slightly modified template, but as the project progressed Mike requested more customization. Mike and I worked together until his whole team liked the design and then I implemented it. It was a fun process and I am really proud of the final website and the custom functionality and graphics that make it stand out. Below are some of the design elements and features we worked on. Hope you enjoy them.

Moye Sports Public Site Key Features

One of the things I am very proud of, and that the Moye Sports team and followers have really liked, is the made from scratch (in Photoshop) Custom News Flash Image and functionality. I edited the PHP code for the template to allow Mike and his team to quickly and easily update the News Flash headline and link. I also made it so that they could turn the feature on and off all with no coding knowledge or skills. You can see the News Flash graphic below.

News Flash

Moye Sports Home Page

Moye Sports public home page. Click the image to visit the website.

Moye Sports Home Page

Moye Sports custom News Flash graphic. Click to view large.


The NewsBox is another area of the site that Mike was really pleased with the functionality of. It allows his team to easily and quickly update the site with the latest media coverage and can also be linked to the News Flash on the home page.

Moye Sports Newsbox

Moye Sports Newsbox.

Moye Sports Password Protected Site Key Features

One of Mike’s ideas and requests for the password protected site was that the entrance to it somehow look like a sports ticket. Initially I could not think of a way to do this, but eventually found a plugin that allowed for the private site to not be visible without logging in. I then customized the WordPress login screen to look like a SkyBox ticket as that is the name of the private section of the site.

Moye Sports SkyBox custom WordPress login page

Moye Sports SkyBox custom WordPress login page. Click image to view large.

UPDATE: In the end, Mike and his team decided to revert back to the normal standard login page with their logo at the top. I liked the above version better and felt like it was more creative and intriguing from a user perspective, but was glad to do as requested and make the change back to standard.

Record Breaking Contracts

Mike wanted a page to beautifully and easily showcase some of his record breaking deals over the years. The problem or, issue, rather, was that he has had so many record breaking contracts. We needed to figure out a way to display enough information so that contracts of interest would be easily accessible to potential clients, but not so much that they would be overloaded with information. We also wanted this to be done in a visually pleasing and creative way. After a few revisions, we arrived at the designs below – one for baseball and one for football.

Moye Sports Baseball Contract Template

Moye Sports Football Contract Template

Moye Sports SkyBox - Contract Negotiations page

Moye Sports SkyBox – Contract Negotiations page

These act as buttons and, when clicked, link to a page similar to the one below that gives the details of the contract and what made it record breaking. This entire page design was made with custom coded CSS and images created in Photoshop.

Moye Sports SkyBox - Contract Negotiation Details

Moye Sports SkyBox – Record Breaking Contract Negotiation details page

I really enjoyed working with Mike and his team on this site and had a lot of fun designing the custom graphics and functionality for it. Please check out the public site here. Thanks so much to Mike and the Moye Sports team for all their collaboration and hard work to get this site up and running.

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